Temi’s Nightmare (Hard Copy)


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Temi’s Nightmare is an interesting and educative story consisting of five solid chapters, with each chapter giving out its own lessons and values.

This book is a wake up call to parents, teachers and the community to create the awareness on bullying as well as the dangers it brings. It is also to encourage everyone that is being bullied not to keep it quiet, but report to the appropriate persons for immediate action.

Temi’s Nightmare is centered on two main characters, the protagonist, Temi Oludayo and the antagonist, Omolola Dolapo, Omolola Dolapo, a beautiful and intelligent grade 5 pupils, deals with her insecurity by bullying anyone she assumes is a threat. When her sister tries to warn her mom, she was blindsided by her good quality of intelligence.

Omolola’s assets became the guise; she had to fool the adults in her life who had placed her on a high pedestal.

It took Temi’s courage and a peer advocate like Akin Martins to get the bullying to stop. This creative storytelling addresses all aspect of bullying and prevention which is top notch, leaving no aspect untouched.

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